*review & pics: griffin+row – cleanse and exfoliate skin cleanser cream and natural exfoliant cloth


I came across Griffin+Row some years ago when I didn’t know the difference between concealer and corrector. It is a home-grown Aussie brand that focuses on skin care that is designed to be as natural as possible. When G+R reached out to me to see if I’d like to try some of their products, I immediately leaned towards the cleanser because I was looking for something non-drying as we slowly shook off winter’s chill. Enter Cleanse and Exfoliate, the cream cleanser and matching exfoliating cloth from G+R.

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*review & pics: griffin+row – cleanse and exfoliate skin cleanser cream and natural exfoliant cloth

microbeads: going against the grain – a poll

microbeads are everywhere

Lately, microbeads have been doing the rounds in my news feed. A more palatable name for polyethylene or polypropylene, these little nubs are a common ingredient in many face/ body scrubs, toothpaste and exfoliants. Essentially a plastic (and the same that is used to make a lot of takeaway and supermarket containers), these microbeads are so small that they don’t get picked up by filtering systems when sewerage is treated.
The result? The microbeads end up in our water systems and are consumed by fish and other animals. If this isn’t alarming you enough, consider that you are fairly high up the food chain and there is every likelihood that you may be consuming toxic plastic too.

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microbeads: going against the grain – a poll

q&d – 7 tips for using face oils

face oils

Face oils have been around for some time but I’m afraid are a little misunderstood, particularly by those with combination/ oily skin. Well, the thing is, they are actually great for anyone and everyone if you pick well. Here are some tips to sort out your hydration concerns with face oils.

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q&d – 7 tips for using face oils

ask mGm – severe acne scarring

Hello lovely readers and welcome to the ask mGm section where you can send us questions and we and other readers will do our best to answer them. Here is our first!

BadSkinBeauty :

I had troublesome acne for about 5 years and then it went away but not completely. I still do break out when stressed or sometimes when the monthly dragon comes a-visiting. My problem however is with the scars…ice-pick, rolling, whatever…and huge pores. I have tried chemical peels, micro-derma abrasion, derma roller etc. (basically whatever the sales reps shoved at me).

I don’t see much improvement…you have any products or treatments that you might think would benefit me? Thank you!

Thanks for the question BadSkinBeauty. Here is our answer.

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ask mGm – severe acne scarring