colour me purple


Mademoiselle B is a creature of habit. She finds something she likes and she sticks with it. This applies in general life but also to her skin care and makeup routines. That’s a pretty good formula for making sure things go as planned. I’m all for it, especially given I’ve just found a solution to my winter skin troublesHabit does have its drawbacks. It stifles creativity, novelty and the opportunity to learn from mistakes.

B is classically elegant – her petite frame is usually dressed in sombre colours with minimalist silhouettes; her sleek dark hair worn loose and her neutral makeup clean and simple. It is a look that many work hard to perfect to look natural. For B though, it is effortless because it is synonymous with her personal style – clutter free and classic.

A departure from the norm is what we went for with this look. B has the beautiful Bobbi Brown Peony & Python Palette which has gorgeous Lavender and Plum Orchid shades, neither of which B has used.
Seeing as every woman and her cat is into radiant orchid – the colour of the year according to the global authority on colour, Pantone (roll your eyes now) – this was a good excuse to wipe away the dust and get some colour going on. You know, just for a change!

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colour me purple

one way to clear skin

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Every year, without fail, from when the leaves turn and until spring, my usually clear face sports a smattering of pimples. I do appreciate that I am lucky in that it isn’t full blown adult acne. But it is persistent enough to be annoying.The zits are omnipresent as if sharing some secret pact to not disappear without another taking their place.

Over time, I’ve worked out that the dry winter air is the causing factor – as in, my skin becomes dry! This bewildered me at first because I’ve never had dry skin and I drink plenty of water. But it made sense. Air conditioning, the outside air, heating . . . .

Following purchase of numerous cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreens, I now have a routine down pat which has kept my skin clear for the past two months. Don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting you drink more water. You should be doing that already!

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one way to clear skin

meet the moistmaker (for skin)


I’m not deliberately trying to be confusing by referring to the infamous sandwich from Friends (skip to 2.28).

You see, I can’t think of how else to describe this product. It’s not a moisturiser but it definitely helps with moisturising. It isn’t a toner, or a lotion: yet it is called these things sometimes.

The name hyaluronic acid may be familiar to some. Any beauty product that has the word acid in its name would probably cause most people great amounts of worry, never mind conjuring images of plump, youthful skin. The name is very misleading.

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meet the moistmaker (for skin)