looking peachy keen


A look at my makeup stash will probably cause you a mild heart attack and/or aneurysm. Other beauty bloggers can probably relate. To say I am ashamed of myself is not stretching any truths.
The situation is even worse than you imagine because despite the myriad colours available to me for every makeup item, I am a creature of habit and revert to my trusty matte nudes and black eyeliner. Utterly boring, I know. I have slapped my wrists on your behalf.

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looking peachy keen

review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation


The first review from my recent purchases (missed that post? it’s here) features the lovely Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. The main reasons I bought this are it is oil free and I found a shade that is a reasonable match to my skin tone. No pink or orange tones – I have had poor luck with finding something that is suitable for olive-toned skin. But you know this already if you read my post on foundation frustration.

Without further ado, here’s the review . . . .

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review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

something old, something new

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I don’t often re-purchase products. Call it fear of missing out – if I commit to one, even if it is great, how will I ever know if others are any better? And of those few products making repeat appearances on my vanity, let’s say that no suitable replacements have yet presented themselves.

The term, holy grail, therefore, is not one you will likely find on this blog because, let’s face it, I am a flake. But in my defence, it opens up so many more possibilities this way and is so much more interesting than a reliable favourite. Of course, in keeping with my fickleness, do not be surprised then if I suddenly declare singular devotion to a product one day.

When bottles/ jars empty, I get really excited. Actually, I am usually excited well before they run out and may even help the process along a little. Hitting pan and running out of moisturiser are the green light to try something new.

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something old, something new