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Got a question? Ask - we'd love to help!
Got a question?
Ask – we’d love to help!

Got problem skin?
Want to know how to degorge an eggplant?
Confused about choosing foundation?
Don’t know what AHA/BHA means?

This is a space where you can ask your questions. And anyone can help.
So even if mGm doesn’t know the answer, there might be others who do.

Don’t be shy, drop mGm a line.

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Or simply leave your question in the comment box below.
Easy peasy.



8 thoughts on “Ask mGm

  1. BadSkinBeauty says:

    So my question might be more apt for a dermatologist but anyway…
    I had troublesome acne for about 5 years and then it went away but not completely. I still do break out when stressed or sometimes when the monthly dragon comes a-visiting. My problem however is with the scars…ice-pick, rolling, whatever…and huge pores. I have tried chemical peels, micro-derma abrasion, derma roller etc. (basically whatever the sales reps shoved at me).
    I don’t see much improvement…you have any products or treatments that you might think would benefit me? Thank you!


    1. Miaow to you too BadSkinBeauty! Thanks for stopping by mGm and that’s a great question – .
      The little elves here and I will get to work on an answer for you soon so please watch this space and feel free to browse/share other articles here.


  2. mariam ebrahim says:

    hey I have a medium skin tone probably a bit tanner then you and have found it really hard finding a blush that gives me colour without fading or being too over the top. can you recommend any that are also quite affordable for Australia. I have been looking at the models prefer stick blushes and the savvy baked and normal blushes. what do you think?


    1. Hi Mariam,
      Thanks for your question – I too have had some issues with finding a good blush for my skin tone.
      I’ve got a few now that are great and will write up a post just for you that will hopefully give you some pointers! Stay tuned 🙂


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