From Green 151

An average girl in Australia sharing her thoughts on mainly beauty-related topics with occasional jaunts to gastronomy. A big part of my heart is still in my home town of Nairobi and this, along with my Indian heritage, tints my blog, sometimes more vividly than others.

I live and work in Melbourne, and while I love my job, it’s great to be able to escape the corporate world and express a different side of me here.

An eternal optimist, I am always looking for perfection.

I’m no expert in anything I write about. I just like to experiment and share the experience. Part of the desire to blog stems from frustration with finding good information on cosmetics appropriate for my skin tone. But mostly, it is because I enjoy makeup – it is fun and, at the end of the day, it washes off. My shameless love for food is only kept in check by my reluctance to buy bigger clothes (thankfully).

Coffee makes a daily appearance in my life and I live a sugar and grain free lifestyle. I write and publish all the content on my blog although I am occasionally assisted with photos by Mr. Meow.

Say jambo or g’day:

machinegunmeow@gmail.com /

or find me on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook


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21 thoughts on “About

    1. Ah, mici Alain pour m’aviser et pour visiter machinegunmeow. Je ne sais pas si cela va t’intéresser mais je l’apprecie 🙂
      J’ai deja souscrit a ton blog – toutes les photos sont merveilleuses. Bravo!


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