a different beat \\ pause and breathe

Many people who are ahead of their time become celebrated as geniuses, visionaries and eccentrics long after they are gone. The opposite is true for me, I think I was born a couple of decades late.

I had an encounter with a millenial the other day, my first one. It lasted about 20 minutes and I said all of four words through the ‘conversation’. I couldn’t help but feel, afterwords, like I had turned into my mother, maybe even my grandmother. I walked away feeling very judgemental towards this person: her behaviour was arrogant,  self-entitled and self-centred. And I wondered if they are all like that. . . .
I also wondered if I was a relic of a by-gone era – when tea was poured out of a china pot and into warmed dainty cups sitting on matching saucers. When spelling and grammar mattered and everyone your parents’ age was ‘uncle’ and ‘aunty’. A time when ‘contouring’ was something we learned in geography class and it was perfectly normal to pop over to the neighbour’s for a cup of sugar or their steam iron. How good were the lyrics to the songs of yester-year and the thrill of calling your crush hoping his mum wouldn’t pick up the phone. Don’t we live in interesting times now?

So I reminisce every now and then with a good book, an old playlist, a dated magazine, a binge session of SATC/ Gilmore Girls or a weekend in dungarees and brown lipstick. Or all of the above. I don’t always take the time to pause and breathe so it’s usually when I am forced to by illness or intervening family that I have a chance to stop and smell the lotuses.

Here are some raw shots of flowers I took. They are from a trip to a lotus park with my parents at the start of the year.

Also, if you care for classical music (and Debussy is my favourite composer, albeit a little modern), I leave you with two of my favourite pieces: Prélude à l’Après-midi d’un faune and Syrinx. The second is even more beautiful thanks to Smalin’s animated graphical score (I usually end up watching the whole playlist).

So how / what do you do when you pause and breathe?


a different beat \\ pause and breathe

6 thoughts on “a different beat \\ pause and breathe

  1. The flowers are stunning, Payal. It’s amazing what surrounds us as we walk past them, totally unnoticed at times. I like to get into the garden to tend to the flowers. They are natures gemstones.

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    1. You’re so right, Rob. There are beautiful things all around us if we just take a moment. And gardening really is so relaxing. Have you still kept up with it? My little patch got annihilated by caterpillars and I haven’t quite gotten over it.

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      1. Yes, it’s just warm enough now to start to set out some annuals. I haven’t planted my veggies yet, but by the end of the month I will. Sorry to hear about those caterpillars. I’m torn on those little bugs, because one day they’ll be beautiful butterflies in the garden.


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