SplitShire_lowpoly_II’ve been busy behind the scenes. You might have noticed I’ve been away – thank you to Rob and Sabi who certainly did.

If you thought I was being lazy, well, for once you’d be wrong. I haven’t given up on blogging and I certainly haven’t forgotten you. I did do a tiny bit of travel recently and I was a little unwell for a short while. But what I wanted to share is that I’ve been working on a few things which, as a by-product, am hoping will make for a better experience here on mGm. What have I been up to? . . . .

Getting a motorcyle licence. Yup, something I have wanted to do for a long time but procrastinated on forever. The training course was a challenge, especially because everyone else on it already had a fair bit of experience riding (and I didn’t), but it was great to get through it and come out with a permit at the other end. I learned a tremendous lot about forward thinking. You can’t be complacent for one nano-second on the bike, you have to always think 12 seconds ahead or you die. It’s a pretty simple concept. And that has changed my perspective tremendously. On the road and off it. Tell me you can’t apply this in daily life?

Completing a professional makeup course. I’m not just doing it for fun now, I’m qualified yo! I learned a few new things but the best bit is that it’s validated what I already knew – moreso for friends and family who are feeling less hesitant to get me to do their makeup. In fact, I had tremendous fun doing different makeup looks for my cousins and myself for an Indian wedding – the first one I had ever been to. Colour was king and there was no holding back on the bling! Fun fun fun.
I’m looking to do this a bit more professionally so my weekends will be getting a little busier, but more creative too! Look out for more to come.

Learning Krav Maga. Am I any good? Hell no! Do I enjoy it? Shit yes! If you don’t know anything about Krav, you might want to look it up. In a nutshell, it’s a self defence system that combines several aspects of various martial arts to give you practical techniques you can use in real life situations. Aside from the fitness factor, I like it because, firstly, you aim to avoid physical confrontation. But if confrontation is inevitable, Krav teaches you how to end the fight as promptly as possible. Bonus, I also get to do a bit of boxing on the side which I have always loved but had forgotten about. Double bonus, my gym is right next to my regular coffee place. Boom!

I saw my mum. After.six.and.a.half.years! It was great. It was frustrating. It was fun. It was so what I needed!

So what does this all mean?
I don’t know – just going after what you want? Not putting things off until later? Gaining some confidence and having fun, whatever that means to you? It means all those things to me. LIfe is back to the normal grind but there is a small difference in my every day. Whether it’s how I feel about me, how I interact with people, or how I interact with myself. Some days, the difference is huge. And I made it happen.

I’ve got a few other projects in the pipeline – more on that when I hear from you.

What have you been up to?

What are you looking forward to ticking off next on your bucket list?






11 thoughts on “pseudo-sabbatical

  1. Hiya mGm. Let me first extend my congratulations to you the new, wonderful and exciting things you have been doing. Expanding your life skills and experiences is important for personal growth, enrichment and healing. This week, I have been binge watching Dior Backstage videos from Christian Dior’s YouTube channel and my makeup application has been reduced by ten minutes. I am now also misting (thermal water) at my desk. Ha ha ha ha. You are brave to do that professional makeup course. Brava! I will happily paint canvases, doors, walls or rocks but I find the idea of painting faces quite intimidating.

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    1. Why thank you Sabi! You and your wise words are such enablers of personal growth.
      As you know, I admire your creativity and class.
      Whyever you think painting faces is anything different to rocks is beyond me. Your mediums are so open to taking on endless inspiration. Faces have limitations and come with owners who have personalities. Sometimes this is not a good thing.
      Now, would you believe I have my makeup routine down pat?
      All of 9 minutes!

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  2. I’ve been sitting on a park bench waiting for our kitchari date 😜 Seriously though, it’s week 8 of my ayurvedic journey (with a new practitioner) and many life changes have come of it. I gotta sleep now so I’ll elaborate another time. Nice to see you back and great to hear all the positive, fun stuff you’re doing xx

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    1. Hahaha! I need to sort out another time for our kitchari date before the nice weather is completely out.

      8 weeks is a helluva amount of time to make deep rooted changes so well done to you. I lack your discipline ☹️
      But thanks for the words of encouragement. And eager to know the details of your journey.
      Lots to talk about very soon xx

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