*review & pics: griffin+row – cleanse and exfoliate skin cleanser cream and natural exfoliant cloth


I came across Griffin+Row some years ago when I didn’t know the difference between concealer and corrector. It is a home-grown Aussie brand that focuses on skin care that is designed to be as natural as possible. When G+R reached out to me to see if I’d like to try some of their products, I immediately leaned towards the cleanser because I was looking for something non-drying as we slowly shook off winter’s chill. Enter Cleanse and Exfoliate, the cream cleanser and matching exfoliating cloth from G+R.


PRICE $25 for the cleanse cream
$25 for the exfoliant cloth
FORMULATION Gel like paste with soft particles
PACKAGING Opaque white plastic squeeze standi-tube with grey plastic flip-top cap

Exfoliant cloth is housed in a plastic pouch with clear window


*This product was kindly supplied for consideration. I did not receive any compensation for this review. The opinions expressed in this post are mine and honest.

Note: My skin type is normal to combination (in the T-zone) so I tend to steer clear of oil-based and creamy products. I do love a good, deep cleanse and tend to favour scrubs and chemical exfoliants.

The G+R website states the company is dedicated to no-waste, recyclable packaging. Another dimension of the company philosophy is to promote the use of only those “products that are essential for daily skincare protection to avoid waste and unnecessary expense and ensures that in a time poor world“. That works for me, because you know I ain’t got time for that, I’m not high maintenance.

Now this bit I should care about more but I am not too fussed about –  G+R products contain no artificial colouring, no artificial fragrance, no petrochemicals, no parabens, no synthetics – this will resonate with a lot of people out there, particularly those with sensitive skin.



The first thing I noticed was the packaging. It was carefully wrapped in tissue and looked and felt luxurious and personal. On design, I like the use of clean grey and white with the hint of green foliage which to me, speaks to the G+R philosophy. The exfoliating cloth came folded in a ziploc-style plastic pouch.


The cleanser surprised me because despite the name ‘cleanser cream’, it looks more like a semi-opaque light amber gel. The smell is pleasant and reminiscent of cut grass and ginger. Quite refreshing! The consistency is not runny but is probably similar to egg white or aloe gel (sorry if you’re a visual person). The gel has small particles that are soft (not gritty at all) which I imagine are the exfoliants – I don’t notice them texture-wise when I am using the product.

The cleanser cream contains centess+ complex™ which I readily confess to knowing little about other than it being effective against ageing – click on the link to read more about it. The product doesn’t lather much – this I like because I have had it in my head since I was in primary school that the more a product foams, the more detergent in it (go figure) – and I don’t want detergent on my face!

I like my skin squeaky clean but I certainly don’t want dry skin – not a problem I usually have but some cleansers do leave my face feeling tight and papery. The Cleanse Cream does clean my skin quite well but I don’t get any tightness or dryness. The only exception is that it does not take off my eye makeup completely, and I don’t wear waterproof mascara/ Having said that, I find only a bi-phased eye makeup remover can effectively clean this area so in that respect, the G+R Cleanse Cream is no different (I just go over the eyes with my trusty Neutrogena Oil-free Eye Makeup Remover).
But I do like how good my skin feels after using the G+R Cleanse Cream – clean, fresh and soft. Particularly when I use it with the exfoliating cloth.


Ok, so I will be upfront and say that I thought it was gimmicky to have a $25 cloth that is supposed to work best with the Cleanse cream. I typically use a cotton face washer when I am using a face wash so I wasn’t expecting this to be very different. Boy was I wrong!

First of all, the cloth is beautifully finished, two-ply,  chlorine-free white muslin – just look at the very neat edges! It is a generous size and feels soft but sturdy in the hand. Again, the little Griffin + Row tag adds a touch of luxury to it. But the best bit has to be how the cloth works. It is quite good at gently exfoliating the skin and helping the Cleanse cream work the surface a little deeper. I can see how much product has come off my face when I use the Exfoliate cloth. It is easy to clean, dry and reuse.



How I use the products is I work a little less than a 5 cent (AU$) piece of Cleanse in my wet hands and massage it onto my dry face. Using circular motions, I go over the entire face up to the hairline and down the neck. As I mentioned, I don’t bother with the eyes. Then I wet the Exfoliate cloth in hot water (yes, with eyes closed) and wring it out. I then fold it into a quarter and using a section at a time, apply circular motions to work the Cleanse cream into the skin further, helping the dead cells turnover. I use a quarter of the cloth at a time for the forehead, each cheek and then the chin to get a full face cleanse and exfoliation.

Then I simply rinse off with warm water and pat the skin dry. The Exfoliate cloth gets a thorough rub and rinse before hanging out to dry. Every few days, I throw it in the washing machine on a quick, gentle cycle.

I find my moisturiser absorbs better whenever I have had a deeper clean. Because I use the Clarisonic Mia 2 every other day, using the Exfoliate cloth means I can have a deep clean without over doing it. I haven’t broken out from using the Cleanse cream or Exfoliate cloth.

I am glad I tried this product, and I am happier still that I used the cloth and the cleanser in combination because I do think they work well together. If I had to pick between the two, I would probably go with the cloth because it really is quite special. The G+R website states you can use it as a mask.






So, if you’re looking for a locally made, natural, gentle and environmentally friendly cleanser and exfoliant, I highly recommend the Griffin + Row Cleanse cream and Exfoliate cloth.

You can buy the products here – there are some great gift sets that would make terrific Christmas presents (shipping is super quick).

*review & pics: griffin+row – cleanse and exfoliate skin cleanser cream and natural exfoliant cloth

7 thoughts on “*review & pics: griffin+row – cleanse and exfoliate skin cleanser cream and natural exfoliant cloth

  1. I’ll look out for it, as my skin is too sensitive and I cannot use soapy cleansers. I am at my wit’s end, actually. If someone makes something I can use, it will save me the time and energy of making my own concoctions. I love having options as well.

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