1000 words: sweet gifts

because friends don’t let friends run around with dry skin

7 thoughts on “1000 words: sweet gifts

    1. Haha, it smells edible but it’s more like a drink for my skin. This winter masquerading as spring has been hard in the old scales.
      A good friend kindly intervened 😂
      But edible gifts are also right up my alley. You’ve got me thinking about cookies now. . . .

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  1. I can actually smell that. I love bee products. It’s the only reason I’m not a vegan right now. Because bees rule. honey water is my favourite toner especially when I’m not using soap on my face. Also I love the tagline-friends don’t let friends run around with dry skin. Last year I gifted a friend a blend of Black Jamaican castor oil and coconut oil in a small pot. She can’t stop massaging her face now.

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    1. Bees really are amazing!
      And honeycomb is my latest indulgence.
      But I haven’t heart of honey water – so tell me more.

      I am now going to look up this Black Jamaican oil. It sounds divine!! I’m sure your friend is grateful with great skin thanks to you SB.
      Have a super Sunday xx

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      1. Hello mGm. Raw honey rocks. I couldn’t have it growing up but when I moved to my new planet, I was able to tolerate it better. Black Jamaican castor oil is the most amazing thing that’s happened to my hair. I wish someone had used it on my hair when I was growing up. As you know, my hair is naturally curly and heat styled but this thing prevents my ends from breaking and my cuticles are smooth and very strong. Now, I import it from Germany!!! Bee careful – it’ll make your hair grow super fast. xoxo

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