review & pics: dyson supersonic hairdryer (pic heavy)

You’re judging me right now and that’s ok. I would too if you told me you paid ten times more than is reasonably acceptable for a hair dryer. But the arrival of the Dyson Supersonic is kind of a big deal; ‘it is the hair dryer rethought’ almost like the second coming of a messiah, the birth of a creature into whose creation many thousands of hours of research, millions of dollars and hundreds of yards of human hair were sacrificed.
Which brings with it tremendous anticipation and expectation. I bit the bullet after months of contemplation and saving (and some generous birthday money) and got me this shiny new toy. If you’re wondering if you should too, grab a cuppa and keep reading after the jump.



PRICE $699
AIR FLOW SPEED 3 settings

(styling, regular and fast drying) / 41 L/s 

TEMPERATURE  4 settings (28°C, 60°C, 80°C and 100°C)
SIZE 245 x 78 x 97 mm (H x W x D)
ACCESSORIES Non-slip heat mat


Smoothing nozzle

Concentrator (for styling)

Leather loop for storage

COLOUR RANGE Fuchsia / Iron

Silver / White

I purchased this in Silver / White (because it doesn’t come in Navy / Gunmetal).

This is a LONG one and it pic heavy. I have left the photos to the end so if that’s what you’re looking for, scroll on down.


I think it is important you know what hair type I have and my typical hair dryer use patterns so you have context when reading this review.

I have thick, dark hair that is coloured, fairly straight and tends to form a wave from being tucked behind the ears. It is prone to frizz and my hairdresser frequently thins it to keep it manageable. I rarely use hair masks, hair spray mousse etc. Apart from shampoo and conditioner, I apply sweet almond oil to my hair.

I wash it every third day or so and would do this even less often if I could get away with it because washing hair is a waste of time. Drying hair is even worse but left to its own devices, my hair will take about 7 hours to dry and leave me with pneumonia. So I flip my head and blast/ finger dry my hair. I use straighteners about once a week.


Look, anything that costs half a month’s rent comes with very high expectations. I have tried to think of my experience both regardless of the price tag and considering it. I also took into account any priming that might have impaired my judgement. I take my time with reviewing any product because one or two uses are not enough for me to form a definite opinion. Suffice to say I took my time with this one.


The box is huge and I felt like I had the crème de la crème of beauty tools with me as I walked out of Myer with my new purchase. But not before I had grilled the sales assistant (the third in as many visits, because I do my research) about her experience. On that occasion, I spoke with a lovely indian girl with lush long hair. She didn’t say anything that sounded salesy or gimmicky to me. Her answers to my questions came across as genuine. I figured she wasn’t bullshitting me when she said she had used it on loan from Dyson and was saving up for one herself. So I gave her my money.

Unpacking the box, I remember thinking that, as a visual experience, it was better arranged than Apple products: slick and minimalist lines. I dig that. The body of the hair dryer is a lovely smooth and glossy white and is scratch and bump proof (this was demonstrated during purchase).
It looks like a modern Mjölnir, you know, Thor’s hammer? With a donut in the centre. It is quite compact – like one of those dryers in 3 star hotels. It is lighter than most conventional, full sized hair dryers but certainly not flimsy.The weight is all in the handle which has the on/off button and cold shot. The end of the handle houses the filter while the main has a thermistor which keeps the airflow at a steady temperature. The filter can be twisted open for easy cleaning. The face of the donut has two buttons – the left for the air flow setting and the right for the temperature control.


The dryer comes with three matte grey attachments, a protective silicone heat mat, an instruction booklet and a leather loop for hanging. I really with it came with a little travel bag. The attachments are magnetic so they easily clip on and off as needed. The diffuser I have no use for as I am seeking neither curl nor volume so I apologise if you’ve read this far, I will not be covering this attachment. I generally use the concentrator and sometimes the smoothing nozzle attachments. Incidentally, I found the loop hard to pop on – the trick is to aim for the very tail of the dryer handle.
The cable is a good length and allows me good freedom of movement. It is a lot thicker than most cords so it doesn’t roll up and stay put which is a mild annoyance.


The first thing I noticed was the sound. It is not a silent hair dryer, but it doesn’t roar like other hair dryers either. The best way I can describe it is: the higher frequency sound the AirBlade makes. The airflow is also similar to the hand dryer, higher pressure than other hair dryers. Which makes for a quicker drying time. I kid you not. My hair generally takes 9 minutes to dry without any fuzzing with a brush. WIth the Supersonic, It takes under 5 minutes.
This might not mean much to some but for me, this alone is worth the price. I have very little time and patience for styling hair. I don’t style it. Or I didn’t, until I got this baby. I have never bothered to use a hairbrush when blow drying. Apart of dearth of patience, I suffer from sore arms in about 30 seconds of holding up a hairdryer. Now, I didn’t really appreciate the redistributed weight of the Supersonic motor with my regular, flip the head style drying technique. But with using a hairbrush, I find I notice it considerably more because my arm doesn’t get sore. So guess what? I use a hair brush when drying my hair now. And I’m enjoying it! It’s particularly useful having the magnetic attachments because I simply twist the nozzle whilst drying to change direction of the airflow. I had this feature in my previous hair dryer but over time, the heat had caused the nozzle to get jammed so it was a fair effort to move it.

The body of the dryer does get a little warm but not enough to make me worried. I tend to use the heat mat for my straighteners instead. Now, I don’t know why Dyson went with a 100ºC heat setting – I have never found use for it and actually think 80ºC a smidge too hot and reach for the cold shot often. Perhaps 70 and 90ºC settings would have been more useful. I use the dryer on regular airflow (highest setting) and the 80ºC heat setting (level 2).
My hair dries softer and less ‘crispy’ – it’s dry but not dry-dry if that makes sense. I can’t say if it is appreciably shinier but I have noticed the frizz is a lot more in control. In fact, I don’t find I reach for the straighteners as much now. It’s a smoother dry, but I do get a bit of volume. I don’t like volume but some of you might. It’s not a boufy look, just a bit more bounce than I’m used to.

I haven’t noticed any heat damage from using the Supersonic but then again I didn’t notice any different with my previous dryer so I can’t verify their claim other than to say it is probably true for two reasons: the shorter drying time and the more controlled airflow (which should keep the hair cuticle smoother). I have also noticed less hair on the bathroom floor after drying.


This is where I must criticise Dyson heavily. For what is the Rolls Royce of hair dryers, the warranty is pretty shit on the Supersonic – just 2 years on parts and labor. For this level of investment, I would expect at least 10 years if not lifetime warranty. Boo Dyson!

Also, I couldn’t help but notice US customers get a 30 day money back guarantee, “just in case”. It isn’t enough that we pay more than the fair equivalent of the US price.





photo-4-9-16-2-20-31-pm-2photo-4-9-16-2-25-49-pm-8 photo-4-9-16-2-26-59-pm-9photo-4-9-16-2-27-36-pm-10

photo-4-9-16-2-30-14-pm-13photo-4-9-16-2-29-52-pm-12 photo-4-9-16-2-30-32-pm-14photo-4-9-16-2-31-01-pm-15 photo-4-9-16-2-31-20-pm-16 photo-4-9-16-2-31-38-pm-17photo-4-9-16-2-31-59-pm-18photo-4-9-16-2-33-03-pm-19photo-4-9-16-2-33-54-pm-1photo-4-9-16-2-34-51-pm-3 photo-4-9-16-2-35-15-pm-4 photo-4-9-16-2-35-35-pm-5 photo-4-9-16-2-35-59-pm-6photo-4-9-16-2-36-40-pm-7 photo-4-9-16-2-36-54-pm-8 photo-4-9-16-2-38-03-pm-9 photo-4-9-16-2-38-15-pm-10photo-4-9-16-2-38-42-pm-11 photo-4-9-16-2-39-02-pm-12 photo-4-9-16-2-39-25-pm-13photo-4-9-16-2-41-19-pm-15photo-4-9-16-2-41-34-pm-16 photo-4-9-16-2-44-58-pm-17photo-4-9-16-2-45-12-pm-18 photo-4-9-16-2-45-20-pm-22 photo-4-9-16-2-47-08-pm-19Overall

I am quite happy with my purchase. Yes, even though I don’t think it is worth $700. My time is precious to me and anything that saves me time is a winner in my book. Those of you who dry your hair more often than I do will find this a gem.
I also can’t deny how much it has made me enjoy drying my hair – this has always been a chore. It still is, but it is on a doing dishes level now, as opposed to cleaning the toilet 🙂

Hairdressers out there might be pleased to know a Professional version launch is imminent I hope sanity prevails and there isn’t a surcharge for the whizz-bang option.

I won’t ask if you would buy it but I hope this post has helped you decide if you were pondering the matter.

Post below any questions you have about my experience with the Dyson Supersonic and I’ll be happy to answer them.

review & pics: dyson supersonic hairdryer (pic heavy)

22 thoughts on “review & pics: dyson supersonic hairdryer (pic heavy)

  1. So what will you do with the 4 minute/session saving? Oh, and do you have their vacuum cleaner? I laughed when you recounted the sales woman’s story about saving up for it – csll me cynical but I wonder how many she has sold with that story? Great pics and great write up! My hair is thin and also quite fine. I air dry after putting leave in conditioner and then run fingers through it to get tid of the crispy noodle/ jerry curl look.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, I happen to like crispy noodles. My curls are much tighter. And my hair soaks up moisture from the atmosphere. All the moisture. So anything done to dry or straighten it in humid weather would be reversed in about 5 minutes.

      Liked by 2 people

    2. Yes, I have the vacuum. It’s still going strong after 10 years 🙂
      Four minutes might not be much but it is time I am so happy to have back because it has a broader effect – I suppose it is personal relativity which determines whether the price tag justifies the ‘benefits’ realised.
      Self-deprecating humour is the best. I had to open-mouth laugh at the crispy noodle reference – although not sure why my mind harked back to JT circa 1999. . . .
      I’m glad you’ve got your routine down pat 😉


      1. I think 4 min is great! I was being serious, not mocking the saving…you could write, or do some tabata or make a cup of tea etc…

        Yes, my routine is down pat. Dreadloc days were way easier…

        Hope you’re having a lovely Sunday and a great hair day 😊

        Liked by 1 person

        1. I’m intrigued by dreadlocks – how long did you have them for? How long were they? How long did it take you to grow them? So many questions Mek!

          And yes, 4 minutes means the difference between having a coffee or a godawful day 🙂

          Sunday going great but the wind today?! Sheesh, not good for any hair! 😉

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Yeah I love locs but it took me two attempts to finally concede and accept that my hair isn’t right for it. Most recently I had them for two years and cut off about a year ago (my ‘about’ pic and avatar are old) – my hair texture and sparseness and predisposition to alopecia just wasn’t working. Grew to about 15cm past my shoulders. First time round was over 15 years ago- shaved it off with my first experience of alopecia.

            A little windy our way too, but warm for a change! We spent the morning at an open day at a fire station in Maldon 😊

            Liked by 1 person

            1. Amazing, I find it completely fascinating: the patience and dedication to maintaining dreadlocks. I have a dear friend back home who has been keeping hers for more than a decade now. She’s been wrapping them in some gorgeous head scarfs (Goddess Wraps which I see are seeing a resurgence in popularity thanks to Lupita Nyong’o.
              But I digress. I’m sorry the locs didn’t work out for you. From the little I can see, they look great.

              Maldon sounds charming, particularly given how warm it is. It’s not particularly nice to be in the city on such a lovely-ish day. Enjoy the rest of it xx

              Liked by 1 person

              1. Gorgeous wraps! It’s all good- I see it as an exercise in acceptance. Besides, I’m just glad to have hair! Oh, but Melbourne has so many great parks and outdoor spaces! You ever been to Heidi? Have a great week and enjoy those bursts of 4 minutes to enjoy a cuppa xx

                Liked by 1 person

                1. Haha, sure thing Mek, I do enjoy a few moments to sip and laze.
                  I am ashamed to admit I have never been to Heide, I had to Google it 😦 But thanks for pointing me in that direction, I will make sure I check it out soon.
                  Self acceptance really is the key to happiness. Glad you found your zen Mek. Have a terrific week ahead xx

                  Liked by 1 person

                  1. Yes- you must visit- perfect thing to do on a lovely spring day…if you and Mr Meow (or whoever else might want to join you) ride bikes- it is on one of the bike trails which adds another element to the day out. Catch you in the next post x

                    Liked by 1 person

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