q&d | the oil you should be using right now

We live in a time where, every day, there is something new being touted as the next super-whatever: super food, super drug, super treatment.

Oils, and especially argan oil, have been enjoying quite a surge in popularity and rightly so. They have been used since the dawn of time for their healing and nutritive properties. I’m here to tell you about one such oil that has been quietly overachieving for centuries and how you should make it part of your daily routine.

sweet almond oil

Sweet almond oil. The emphasis is on the sweet.

Yep, this is the stuff extracted from the universally favourite nut, and is magic in so many ways.

  1. Oil your hair – rub a few drops of sweet almond oil into your hair and scalp and leave to penetrate for about half an hour before shampooing. It will leave your locks lustrous, silky and soft. It makes detailing easy and adds a protective layer to your hair strands. It is reported to reduce hair fall as well due to its richness in magnesium, calcium and zinc – minerals whose deficiency can cause alopaecia. ย I apply a few drops when drying freshly washed hair and I find it makes my hair shiny and sweet smelling. Even Mr. Meow has started treating his comb-over to it.
  2. On your skin – whether you have dry skin, fine lines, or suffer from eczema, sweet almond oil is the solution to all your skin woes. Use it as a moisturiser, anti-ageing treatment, deep skin cleanserย and even on your cuticles for healthy nails. It is even safe enough to use on babies.
  3. Eat it – put it in your salad dressings for a boost in omega-9 fatty acids to improve your heart health, drop bad cholesterol levels and add a little nutty flavour to your meal.
  4. ย For massage – warm (as hot as you can handle it warm) almond oil rubbed onto stiff, aching and tired muscles will ease away knots, reduce inflammation and provide relief. For best results, wrap the oiled muscles with a hot towel and leave on to help draw out toxins.
sweet almond oil

TIP: Make sure you use SWEET almond oil as the one extracted from bitter almonds can be fatally toxic and certainly is not safe for ingestion. Also look out for pure sweet almond oil versus cheaper blends which will have silicones, perfumes, fillers and other mineral oils added to them, lessening their potency and effectiveness.

Try it and you won’t look back, sweet almond oil will change your life.

q&d | the oil you should be using right now

15 thoughts on “q&d | the oil you should be using right now

  1. My mum actually gets me a bottle of sweet almond oil everything she visits. Didn’t think about it until now but it’s a lovely thing to have around. I have “depotted” some into fancy pipette bottles around the house xx

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  2. Love the photos and the tips. I can’t ever have too many bottles of oil. I like to create my own cleansing blends and post cleansing mask blends. Incidentally, I used to make a whipped shea body butter with sweet almond oil and filtered raw shea. Time consuming but awesome.

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    1. Whipped shea body butter with sweet almond oil and filtered raw shea – oh SB that sounds quite divine. You really do know how to look after yourself. Thanks for sharing your tip. I have just gone and bought a tub of raw shea today! I shall report back soon x

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