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Happy Sunday!
This morning, I read a lovely and (as usual) humorous post by Deb which gave her readers a glimpse of what goes on in the background before posts go up on her blog. Of course I thought it was a great idea and I have decided to replicate it here on mGm.

  1. Where Do You Blog?
    You’ve already found me if you’re reading this but I also blog elsewhere on occasion – like on PerfectDailyGrind. Because, well, coffee!
  2. Where Do You Find Inspiration for Your Blog Posts?
    I lurk on a lot of other blogs and find very interesting content there on each visit. That inspires me. Living in Melbourne, I am exposed to  so much great coffee and food that these two things inevitably find their way to my Instagram account. I also try to recreate the delicious things I have eaten out or the food from my childhood.
    I also find myself influenced by frustration when I can’t find what I’m looking for out in the wider world of product reviews – so I try to bring this to mGm.
    Execution might be a different matter though . . . .
  3. How Long Does It Take You To Write a Blog Post?
    Ugh, how long is a piece of string? Some take me about an hour but most take longer because I have to upload and organise my photos, I find writing (especially creatively) takes  me a while, and finally, with reviews, I tend to be thorough 🙂
  4. Do You Plan Your Blog Posts? How?
    I try to but it really boils down to how much much time I have on a given weekend. Usually, I don’t have more than a couple of hours between chores, social engagements and work that has spilled into my free time. Throw in the poor lighting in my apartment (for photos) and my general laziness and blogging becomes difficult.
  5. What Kind of Camera Do You Use? What Editing Program?
    As my earlier posts will demonstrate, I used to take my photos on my iPhone 5, then 6. It wasn’t ideal and it is actually a pet peeve of mine to see dodgy photos on blogs. Let’s just say I wasn’t prepared to commit to a camera until I was sure about blogging.
    Nowadays, I use a Canon EOS 600D with either an EF 50mm F/1.4 USM or EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens with a tripod. I have Adobe Lightroom but find I don’t use it much as I am still learning its functionality. I am far from confident with my photography skills but the more I take photos, the better I get.
  6. Do You Use a Notebook to Track Your Ideas?
    Yep, I’m a list maker and crossing things off my lists gives me a lot of satisfaction!
  7. How Do You Take Your Pictures?
    Sporadically! I generally set up on our coffee table and have my camera on a tripod. Because I don’t take photos every weekend, I tend to take a whole bunch of them at once. I always use natural lighting and try not to have busy backgrounds. My aim is to present the product as cleanly as possible.
  8. What’s Your Favourite Type of Blog Post to Write?
    Easy, lifeshares because I don’t have to be very creative, I just write about a personal experience, a memory or an observation. Besides, doesn’t everyone like to talk about themselves? Ha! This blog is an exercise in vanity and expression of my alter ego.
  9. Who Knows About Your Blog?
    My friends and family mostly. They are very encouraging but I must say the most support I have received has been from fellow bloggers.
    And the thing I did not expect is most of my followers are total strangers. It´s a lovely community out there. It’s been great though to have greater exposure over time.
  10. Are You an Organised or a Messy Blogger?
    Did you read answer #7? I’m meticulously organised!
  11. Biggest Blogging Pet Peeve?
    I shit myself to tears when I can’t post as intended. Discipline is a big thing to me but sometimes my life and work get in the way of regular posting.
    Otherwise, I am annoyed by lazy blogging when it comes to reviews – not enough testing, poor photos (of which I am also guilty), swatches that don’t tell the whole story (a foundation dabbed on the back of your hand doesn’t say anything to me – let’s see it on your face), messy products (please wipe down the smudges and slops).
    I haven’t experienced it here but I know that there are trolls out there and I have no room for them on mGm. No one needs that shit.
From red 210914 179
it’s a lot of work

Thank you Deb for the inspiration. Please do visit her site – she is a card!

Blogger or not, I’d love to know your answers. Post them below x

behind the scenes

8 thoughts on “behind the scenes

  1. That was my face during a bentonite clay mask yesterday. I was amazed at how great it was for clearing up blemishes. And, there’s no way you’re vain. Confident, yes. Self aware, yes. Dignified, always.

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  2. I enjoyed reading this! I’m quite the opposite when it comes to pictures! I don’t quite care for them as much. I just try to make them not look blurry and I wish the universe that I get the color right. I also like seeing messy products coz it gives me the impression that they’re actually being used. Haha.


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