review, pics & swatches: dior diorskin nude foundation compact in #040 honey beige

diorskin nude
diorskin nude

Summer has been and gone in this part of the world and as I changed up my makeup drawer in preparation for the cooler months, I realised I had this foundation kicking around and hadn’t gotten around to reviewing it. Here goes.

By the way, this is the first in a series of reviews I’ll be doing from my existing stash #fromthestash


PRICE  Approx. AU$90
VOLUME/SIZE  10g / 0.35oz
FORMULATION  Compact powder
TEXTURE/FINISH Natural, light coverage, buildable
PACKAGING Mirrored compact with applicator sponge and brush
RANGE Up to 10 shades depending on your region

(Ivory #010, Light Beige #020, Cameo #022, Medium Beige #030, Rosy Beige #032, Apricot Beige #033, Honey Beige #040, Dark Beige #050, Mocha #060, Dark Brown #070)

I bought this in shade #040 Honey Beige.


This was a random buy at a Camberwell pharmacy that might be the only place I have seen this foundation on sale. None of the department stores seem to carry it. I was after something light and fresh for summer and this seemed the perfect fit.

The packaging is luxe and hefty which is what you want when you are paying for high-end cosmetics. The mirrored compact comprises a smooth silver, ‘Dior’ embossed top half with a clear bottom case that houses the powder and applicator sponge. It’s quite a large compact actually. The whole thing sits in a velvet sleeve that has a pocket for the included brush.

I honestly have no idea where the brush is now but I’m not losing any sleep over it. I probably tossed it out along with the velvet sleeve because (a) that is what I normally do and (b) I don’t care for the brushes that come with products because by and large they tend to be crap. What is a mystery to me is that I still have the sponge?! They should’ve ditched the two and made a smaller compact.

Speaking of small, the amount of product in the pan is pretty average – 10g. In comparison, you get an equal amount of Guerlain Lingerie de Peau Nude Powder, MAC Studio Fix is at the 15g mark and you get 9.5g with L’Oreal True Match .

The powder is beautiful to look at, embossed with the words “nude” at the bottom and a creamy appearance. I didn’t notice any shimmer but it has a satiny slip to it as it is very finely milled with mother-of-pearl particles. If you’re wondering whether it is a foundation or a finishing powder, I would say the former because, having tried it over other foundation, I think it looks rather OTT.

Based on arm-swatches, shade #030 was a touch too light and #040 a bit too dark. I figured I’d be fairly tan over summer so I risked it and handed over my money. The shade matches moderately well on my face and in hindsight, I should probably have gone the lighter one – I’ll explain shortly.

I tend to wear this over a ‘sticky’ primer to give it something to hold on to. Silicone primers might give it too much slip and cause it to run off your face in my opinion. I apply it lightly with a synthetic fibre buffing brush. It is very easy to put on and makes your skin look lit from within but without any dewiness. It looks like skin, really good skin, no pores. The feel is silky and velvety but far from matte. I absolutely love the way it feels on my skin and how it looks. When I first apply it . . . .

In fifteen minutes, this foundation oxidises on my skin. I really should have gone the lighter shade. Within about 4 hours, I find my face starts to look rather shiny. It’s not awful and  it could pass as dewy glow but for the change in colour. But by then it has also slightly faded from the creases of my nose and chin. This is where I fall out of love with it. I don’t touch up because I don’t want to make the look heavy and it certainly doesn’t resolve the issue of oxidation. It wears better without primer though so that’s what I’m sticking with.

Dry skins might not fare well with this because I reckon it would emphasise flaky patches unless you exfoliate and moisturise really well. Incidentally, I don’t believe it is an oil-free foundation. It does contain SPF 10 PA +++ which, I say, why even bother?!

The other thing that is a little tricky is blending under eye concealer into the foundation – liquid concealer and powder foundation are not entirely compatible so you have to use a light hand. I’m still getting used to it.

Bottom line: this foundation is a dream to apply and gives your skin a beautiful, very natural looking finish. But, on me, the effect is short-lived.


I’m still playing around with my camera and the light isn’t the best at the moment given it is autumn and I only really have one day a week to take my photos.

diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation
diorskin nude compact foundation

Have you used DiorSkin Nude Powder Compact?

Do you love it?


review, pics & swatches: dior diorskin nude foundation compact in #040 honey beige

4 thoughts on “review, pics & swatches: dior diorskin nude foundation compact in #040 honey beige

  1. Hello, mGm! I was looking for Diorskin Nude Mocha on Google image search just now and there was your lovely face advertising honey beige. I only had to scroll once through the search results to see your photo. I just want you to know that your glowing complexion has helped lots of makeup wearers to decide. I’m still not sure if I am going to get one as I’m trying to go foundation free this year. I am enjoying a new mask from Estee Lauder – the Advanced Night Repair Sychronised Complex II Powerfoil mask. It’s got retinol, tripeptides and DNA enzymes among other goodies. Totally recommend it, not that you need it!!!! xoxoxoxo

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