q&d: lower carb yogurt

Ok, so low-carb yoghurt is easy enough to make blindfolded on a lame horse . . . and ultra-delicious.


I love Greek yoghurt and, as you know, I eat low-carb/ Banting. And by doing one little thing, my breakfast of nut-granola (recipe soon) on yoghurt with berries is even better.

Here is the tip – simple, I hang my yoghurt. By hanging it, much of the milk-sugar (aka lactose aka the carbs) is drained away with the whey.
The result is a thicker, creamier and lower carbohydrate yoghurt.

If you’re not sure how to ‘hang’ yoghurt, check out my post on Labneh (which is a  soft cheese made from hung yoghurt). Remember to skip the salt for a neutral tasting yoghurt.

The yield will depend on what the water content is to begin with. For example, I find pot-set yogurt is about 60% whey while Greek yoghurt is about 50%.
Don’t use Greek-style yoghurt because that essentially has additives such as gelatine and gums to mimic the thickness of the real deal. So much eeew! Look for full-cream milk, (milk solids) and culture in the ingredient listing. Anything else, put the tub down and walk away.

Ps. hung yoghurt is also delicious stirred into curries and sauces.


q&d: lower carb yogurt

16 thoughts on “q&d: lower carb yogurt

  1. Nice work. I like the creamy texture. I make my own as well, but I don’t know what to call the style. I am revisiting your earlier post to see if I can try it. Mine is thick and smooth (no salt or sugar) but I add dried fruit or marmalade for a tasty breakfast. Have a great Monday evening.

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    1. That’s it, you’re doing it right if it’s thick and smooth, it doesn’t need salt or sugar because it’s plenty tasty without.
      Adding dried fruit would make it akin to ‘shrikhand’ which loosely translates to ambrosia and is one of my favourite dishes that mum makes.
      Now, with marmalade I must try! Thank you for the clever twist.
      Have a fantastic Monday SB x

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  2. I had heard that the sugar/carb count is actually lower than what’s posted on the label due to the live cultures consuming the sugar for energy. I’m on low carb and have not eaten much yogurt. This will help lure me back to consuming yogurt once again. I need to get skinny for summer!

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