q&d – oomph in your œufs (eggs)

oomph to your eggs
oomph to your eggs

Bored with the same old formula when it comes to eggs? Salt and pepper are trusty but boring. Dukkah and relishes are great, if you have any kicking around . . . . . but if you’re short on time and ingredients, there is a simple way to make your omelette sing with a burst of surprise flavour that I usually associate with frosting.

Here is a neat little tip I learned from the charming Andrew at Cafe Bahloo in Portland (Victoria).

All you need is a zester or fine grater and a lemon!  That’s it – just a little lemon zest added to your omelette right at the end will add an incredible lightness of taste. And if you’re using any herbs, the citrusy-ness will pair beautifully with them to take your eggs to the next level.

zest up those eggs
zest up those eggs

It’s so simple that like me you’re probably wondering why you hadn’t thought of it already. I usually put lemon zest in my cream cheese frosting to stunningly delicious effect. No reason why it can’t be the same for a savoury dish as I discovered.

In fact, I have been more adventurous with lemon zest and lemon peel. See how I used it in making labne here.

Have you tried an unusual ingredient in your cooking before?
Will you give lemon zest in your omelette a go?
I’d love to know!

q&d – oomph in your œufs (eggs)

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