review, pics & swatches: daniel sandler watercolour fluid blusher in glamour

daniel sandler's watercolour blush
daniel sandler’s watercolour blush

Blush didn’t really happen for me until maybe a year ago. I have umpteen shades, but I never really wore it: I used to feel like there was just a lot of colour going on on my face so I used to just skip it in an effort to keep things ‘clean’.

Fast forward to today and I have changed my mind. A hint of colour on the cheeks not only makes you look a little more alive and cheery, it also helps to subtly contour your face.  This Daniel Sandler blush (blusher if you’re British) has been getting rave reviews for its natural finish and easy application so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. Daniel Sandler isn’t available directly here in Australia so, thank you ASOS!


PRICE ~$30
VOLUME/SIZE 15ml / 0.51 fl. oz.
FORMULATION Silicone based, oil free
TEXTURE/FINISH Velvet, natural, non-shimmer liquid
PACKAGING Squeezable small plastic bottle with nozzle dispenser
RANGE 17 shades available

I bought this in shade #Glamour. Not all shades are available on ASOS.


The bottle is TINY. I knew this before purchase but it still surprised me when it arrived. It’s rather cute but has the look of something a professional makeup artist would use because it isn’t anything like standard powder or cream blushes.

The liquid separates on standing so it needs a good shake before use. I wouldn’t advise squeezing the bottle to dispense the product. It is quite a thin, runny liquid which was hard to photograph because it trickles away. You honestly need so little of it, I simply I rub my fingertips on whatever product is on the nozzle and apply this! It’s less than a half a dropful.

A matching Waterbrush is available and recommended for applying this blush but I am quite comfortable simply patting a tiny bit on using my fingertips then blending the velvety liquid upwards to the temple. You have to be quick because it dries down fast but it is not as quick-drying as some gel formulas I have come across. You’ll have enough time you get it on neatly.

The colour is a gorgeous earthy pink that leans neither cool nor warm when applied. It looks darker in the bottle and also when dispensed – but sheers out beautifully on the skin. This shade of pink is appropriate for nearly all occasions because it never competes with the rest of your makeup or what you’re wearing – it simply looks like a natural flush with a slight sheen.

Of course, it is possible to overdo it and look like you belong in a circus, but you would have to try really hard to stuff it up. The colour is buildable and I’ve found if I get too much on in one spot, a little thermal water spray to the cheeks and a clean blush brush easily fixes the problem.

I don’t find it needs any powder to set although sometimes, I like to sweep a touch of highlighting powder over the cheekbones for a little oomph.

Apart from the colour which I think is absolutely lovely, my favourite thing about this blush is that is stays put. Even after my foundation has started migrating, my cheeks remain immaculate. It simply just does not budge until you take it off. This is a big plus for me because I have the unfortunate habit of touching my face throughout the day.

Glamour doesn’t stain unless you apply it directly onto bare skin in which case it leaves a tinge of pink.

The only drawback I view with this product is that some people might struggle a little with application – but only because it isn’t la cream, powder or gel blush so is unfamiiar Once you’ve practiced applying it a couple of times, it becomes a cinch.

I’d love to say I will repurchase this but there is just so much product in there that you’ll have to check back with me in about 35 years. Despite its seemingly small size, this blush packs a punch.

I am curious to try a few other colours – Acid  and Trip look like fun and summery shades so I will be scoping them out sometime.


ds watercolour blush
ds watercolour blush
ds watercolour blush
ds watercolour blush in glamour
what is on the nozzle tip is all you need!
what is on the nozzle tip is all you need!
ds watercolour in glamour
thin and runny liquid blush
thin and runny liquid blush
thin and runny liquid blush
mGm_240515 345
this is what a dropful of blush will give you – you don’t need all this!

Here is a picture of me wearing it recently. And another from a few months ago (yes, I use products for a while before I make up my mind).

ds watercolour in glamour
ds watercolour in glamour
Eyeko Eye Do
eyeko eye do and daniel sandler watercolour fluid blusher in glamour
ds watercolour in glamour
ds watercolour in glamour

Do you think you could switch over to liquid blushes?
Or have you already tried Daniel Sandler Watercolour Fluid Blusher? What did you think of it?

review, pics & swatches: daniel sandler watercolour fluid blusher in glamour

10 thoughts on “review, pics & swatches: daniel sandler watercolour fluid blusher in glamour

  1. Ahhh I forgot about this blush!! My friend got it for me. I loved it when I first got it and sort of forgot about it. I love this and it gives such a great gorgeous flush! You’ve inspired me to do a review! Thanks xx

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