ain’t nobody got time for that

That there are only 24 hours in a day is something that annoys me endlessly, as I’m sure it does you. By the time I’m done with work (the job that funds my coffee and makeup habits) and the minimal amount of sleep necessary to function, I barely have a scant 4 hours in which to feed myself and spend on chores + leisure.
2 hours, if you leave out the time dedicated to watching The Walking Dead et al.

Weekends are a little better, and I do try to be judicious about spending time on the interwebs. So there are some things that I probably will never have or make time for. And I respect anyone that can devote theirs to these.

  1. Nail Art
    I don’t even know where to begin with this. Yes, most of it is super pretty BUT the amount of time, effort, creativity and patience that nail art demands does my head in. For me, just watching ten second Insta videos of people painting dots and stripes, marbling multiple colours, ombré shading and sticking on those little diamantés is exhausting. Most days, I can’t sit still long enough for base coat to dry – reason why I sport nail polish a handful of times each year. If I can keep my nails trim and cuticles in check, I consider this a success. Besides, hands up who else does dishes?
  2. Ironed sheets
    Ok, I genuinely appreciate the luxury of pressed linen and would never kick it out of bed (yes, pun). But considering I burned two of my favourite tops last week and the fact that I only bust the iron out once every 4 months, ironing sheets is simply not an option from both a skill and  hygiene perspective. As long as the sheets are clean, I’m ok with the wrinkles.
  3. Contouring
    Essentially, I am lazy more than I am vain. My stash of primer, finishing powder and brow gel doesn’t get much of an outing though I do try to use them on weekends and special occasions. And I have only just discovered bronzer. Contouring for cheekbones is just not going to make the cut – and also because I am pretty shit at blending.
  4. Automatic Gates/Doors
    I know I can’t really do anything about these so I just tell myself that I am learning patience every time I watch the garage gate lumber open at the speed of drying nail polish.
  5. Preheating the Oven
    Well, this is a bit of a cheat because it’s usually a matter of forgetfulness rather than deliberate avoidance. Don’t you figure though that with technological advancements, it wouldn’t be necessary to preheat for more than 2 minutes? We live in an instant world, come on!
  6. Fake Lashes/ Extensions
    How do you get those damned things on? And how does it not feel like you have car wipers on your eyelids? Sorry but no! No to putting falsies on and no to sitting through hours of having extensions glued on only to last ,what, 6 weeks then repeat?!
    I LOVE fluttery peepers but not enough to do more than apply a coat of mascara.
    Plus I can’t fathom how mink lashes are a thing. Minks, killed for lashes?! What the?
  7. Safely Ejecting the USB device
    I’ve been burned by this before so I should know better but I flaunt my recklessness and give my computer about 2 nanoseconds before I unplug my piglet-USB-stick. I’ll probably be beaten to submission once I lose important work files to a newly corrupted USB stick. Worse still, if it contained irreplaceable photos.

Naturally, there are many more but in true mGm style, I am now too lazy to add the rest and will stop here. I know I’m not the only one out there being a bit of a sook about life.

What can’t you be bothered with? Share yours below.

ain’t nobody got time for that

6 thoughts on “ain’t nobody got time for that

  1. Charley says:

    MGM I absolutely could not agree more! I also have no time for:
    – waiting for supermarket attendants to reset my self serve cashier when the error invariably occurs
    – washing and blow drying my hair (my poor boyfriend)
    – baking of any sort
    – home made curry paste (or really home made sauces of any kind)
    – ironing – full stop. Ironing sheets!!! What the?!?!
    – deleting OLD emails in my hotmail account (everyone else has thousands of emails in their personal accounts, right??)

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thanks Fatima, those are also things I don’t have time for. My phone is always threatening to die on me because I never leave it plugged in long enough to charge up.
      Cleaning showers is painful 😦


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