q&d – easy every-day exquisite eyelashes

Disclosure: I don’t wear false eyelashes. I am too lazy, too uncoordinated and too time-poor to bother with those wretched things. I have worn them on two separate occasions in the last ten years . . . both under duress. On mascara, I don’t bother with second coats. If the mascara ain’t going to cut it in one pass, off with its head!

lash lash baby
lash lash baby

This post is not about falsies or a type of mascara. It’s just a few things I find give me a better looking eyelash.

  1. The first is a little obvious: Invest in eyelash curlers. Don’t tut-tut me, there are so many ladies out there who have not yet succumbed to the superpower of these magical tongs. Not the cheap kind that will shear off your peeper curtains. I use the legendary Shu Uemura eyelash curler some days, others, it is the Body Shop varietal – I don’t find a difference in results between the two. Bottom line, a decent, reliable eyelash curler can help open up your eyes by defining your lashes.

    mechanical curlers
    mechanical curlers
  2. Use heat to hold the curl. This is easy enough to do with a heated eyelash curler. Mine is from the Makeup Store but ModelCo, 1000 Hour and others make these. They are used in the same way as regular eyelash curlers but can help keep your lashes curled for longer. Now, I have read about using the back of a spoon as an eyelash curler and heating it up with a blow dryer for use as a heated eyelash curler, but I can’t vouch for this as I haven’t tried it. What I do know is you can warm your mechanical curlers gently using a blow dryer and use them to the same effect. That’s what my friend did in this look.

    heated eyelash curlers
    heated eyelash curlers
  3. Try a spring-loaded eyelash curler to make curling easier. I picked up a no-name one in Kyoto and absolutely love it. Not much else to say here other than the effort is minimal for maximum results.
  4. Use your eyelash curler horizontally. That’s right! Hold it parallel to the ground (90º to your face) when curling your lashes and I guarantee your eyelashes will curl supremely and never scrape your glasses. I am reformed!
  5. Sweep your mascara wand up and away to the side instead of just upward. I find this helps make the eyes look wider and, if you wiggle the wand during application, beautifully separated lashes. It does take some practice to get used to – my first few times ended in clumpy messes for lashes – but is worth trying out.
eyelash curlers are your friend
eyelash curlers are your friends

If you’re looking for eyelashes that can start a hurricane in another country, what are you doing looking here, really? With these tips, the best you will get is a natural yet glamorous look without much fuss.

Try them out. And please do share your tips for fluttery lashes.

q&d – easy every-day exquisite eyelashes

10 thoughts on “q&d – easy every-day exquisite eyelashes

    1. Hallo Skye and thanks for visiting mGm. Good question about the shape of the eyelash curlers. I haven’t compared many but I do know the Shu Uemura ones are meant to be flatter (to cater for Asian eyes perhaps?) and there are those that cater to more rounded/ smaller eyes. You will probably need to try out a few to see what works for you.
      My eyes are average, not too flat, not too round so I think I can get away with just about any curler 😉 Good luck

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  1. I use something from Japonesque, it’s weird and it doesn’t have a frame, kinda hard to describe. Will try to write about it one of these days.


    1. Ooh I’m intrigued. Do show and tell. I have a pink wand from ModelCo that is like a mascara comb but it is heated and meant to be used AFTER applying mascara. It’s annoying to use so I haven’t really given it a fair shot. But it is weird, frameless. I’d be curious to see if the design is similar to your Japonesque one.


  2. Thanks for the tips! I haven’t bought into hype over the Shu Uemura lash curler, especially after reading this article from Beauty and the Bullshit (“Can you really imagine MAC to have its own brush factory or Shu Uemura to have its own curlash making machine?” http://beautyandthebullshit.blogspot.com/2011/06/bullshit-on-brushes.html). But having said that, I am looking for curlers that fit my eye. Currently using a revlon curler and I feel like it fits half of my face.


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