don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone . . .

unloved impulse buy that grew on me too late
unloved impulse buy that grew on me too late

10 thoughts on “don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone . . .

    1. It’s very grown up floral/fruity that isn’t sickly sweet but rather well rounded, balmy and elegant. Suitable for day or night. The sillage is also great. It was launched in 1999. I bought it on impulse (and untested) some years ago but disliked it until I decided to include in my project pan. I always get compliments on it 🙂 I’ve now come to love it very much!


    1. Both exquisite scents and I acknowledge your fine taste.
      My love for most perfumes tends to be transient as I am a creature loath to ritual. I hastily purchased a larger bottle of Chanel Chance Eau Tendre following an infatuation with the original purchase. I still like it but my olfactory senses are already roving in search of another . . . . 🙂

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      1. May I suggest Pleasures? I got a small bottle just now at the Estee Lauder counter. They always present me with something nice for my birthday. I’m also using the Modern Muse body lotion. Both fragrances have elicited, “You smell expensive” compliments. As for Chanel scents, Coco Mademoiselle might be the right fit for you. It’s charming, youthful, vivacious and sophisticated. I’ve got it in the hair mist. Love it.


        1. Thanks for the recos. I have Pleasures and love it albeit it is one I can only tolerate as an EDT.
          Some scents trigger migraines so as much as I love them, I am resigned to admiration from afar. Those of the oriental/powdery variety tend do be the worst offenders. I have been known to be bed ridden for three days from catching a whiff of the residue of some gentleman’s godawful cologne in an elevator!
          Coco is lovely! I might go suds out that hair mist.
          I also like Burberry Body Tender and Stella McCartney’s eponymous rose varietal.

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          1. Thanks for your recommendations, too. I’ve always wanted something from Stella. Much appreciated. I’m extra sensitive and migraine prone like you, so I know the feeling very well. It’s awful that you have to go through that. Please only use the hair mist in the day time. It dissipates after several hours. I would not recommend that you use it at night or sleep in it as it would overwhelm you. Even if you shampoo right after using, it will overwhelm the shampoo. Thanks again, so much. x

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