review, pics & swatches: koh gen do maifanshi makeup color base in yellow

KGD Maifanshi Yellow
KGD Maifanshi Yellow

By no stretch of imagination am I a fan of Kim Kardashian. Not even by mistake! But I did stumble upon this Koh Gen Do colour correcting primer thanks to her. While frittering years of my life away to the abyss called the internet, it was hard to miss the myriad sites lauding the brightening properties of THAT YELLOW PRIMER, as they called it. KK is a regular user of said primer. This fact, by itself, means nothing to me. What did get my meow-ey senses tingling was the notion of colour correcting; something that I find I have to do often (see here). Now colour correction AND priming benefits in the one? Sold!

KGD Maifanshi Yellow
KGD Maifanshi Yellow


VOLUME/SIZE 25g / 0.88oz.
FORMULATION Water based, SPF 16 PA++, free from artificial colours, fragrances, petroleum-based mineral oil or parabens
TEXTURE/FINISH Smooth, natural
PACKAGING Squeezable small plastic tube with nozzle dispenser
RANGE 4 shades in Australia of a possible 4 (US/JP)
– Green, Lavender Pink, Pearl White and Yellow

I bought this in shade #2 Yellow.


This product is not easy to find in Australia (at least it wasn’t when I bought it more than 6 months ago. Anyone know if it’s available at Sephora in Sydney, let me know). PM Studio in Sydney was where I got mine from and while it isn’t cheap, you’ll be pleased to know the pricing is the same as in the US and Japan.

In all, it looks quite unassuming and to be honest, I felt a little concerned that it would be meh. It’s a tad smaller than ‘normal’ sized products which are around the 30ml mark. The packaging is a little dated in my opinion especially as you can’t see how much product is left. The SPF isn’t great but then again, I don’t really see the point of products that multi-task. Besides, I wear a separate sunscreen with minimum SPF of 30. I should say I care about the absence of artificial ingredients but the main draw card for me was that this primer is water-based.

When I used it the first time, straight-away I noticed it wasn’t silicone-y and slippery like most other primers I have come across. Yet it is rather emollient and silky as if it were oil-based. It’s neither runny nor thick and doesn’t feel tacky. Scent-wise, it smells of nothing which is not always a given when products are fragrance-free.
I love the way it goes on and smoothes out my skin. It does claim to reduce shadows and dullness, and won’t settle in lines or pores. I don’t have too many of those so there was no appreciable difference that I noted. Having said that, I did notice a difference.
Was it that luminous glow I was expecting? No. Wait a minute, let me rephrase that. I was expecting a tremendous difference in terms of colour correction. It made a difference and I loved it, it just wasn’t quite what I was expecting.

As a primer, it does a good job of holding my makeup in place all day long, no complaints. I found the best use for it though, was not under my makeup. On a whim, I mixed it with my foundation and applied it as normal. Purists can vomit now but I tell you, I am patting myself on the back for this little discovery. When mixed with foundation, I think the brightening effect is more appreciable and my makeup remains flawless all day. More importantly, my makeup doesn’t oxidise with this.

Is it enough to counter very cool foundations? I would say it isn’t. I use it with my Chanel Vitalumiere Aqua makeup which leans pink but not obviously so.
Does it make you look radiant? Yes, it definitely does.
Is it a great primer? There are lots of other primers out there that will hold your makeup for far less than $49. But if it’s subtle colour play you want, then this ticks the box.

At the first opportunity in Tokyo, I bought myself two more tubes!









It’s difficult to appreciate what difference this product makes given it is virtually invisible when in use. But here’s a picture of me wearing it.

KGD Maifanshi
KGD Maifanshi

What do you think of colour correcting primers?
Would you shell out nearly $50 for this makeup base?

review, pics & swatches: koh gen do maifanshi makeup color base in yellow

4 thoughts on “review, pics & swatches: koh gen do maifanshi makeup color base in yellow

    1. Yeah, the price can definitely be a detractor!
      Not sure what stores in the UK might carry KGD but you can buy it online throught Beautylish which ships to the UK.
      And thank you, BeautyFreak224! x


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