corrector: the best thing since sliced bread

5kl32oqOk, maybe not sliced bread but it is up there with primer. . .

It is a rare occasion when I am this excited by something makeup related. Only because even the most wonderful cosmetic is flawed. And I am an imperfect perfectionist. It’s a no-win situation most days.

In the hierarchy of personal attributes that require a bit more effort, my under eye area is probably in the top five. I have prominent eyes and, thanks to my complexion and genes, concealer alone cannot banish the darkness from my under eye circles.
I’ve tried numerous eye creams (to the point of giving myself milia), drinking copious amounts of water, and getting plenty of sleep. It all helps. But it isn’t enough.
Enter the corrector . . . .

The first time I tried a corrector was at the Bobbi Brown counter a few years ago. I couldn’t believe how this little pot of orange paste could make me look awake and not depressed. I’m on to my third pot now (although I have been cheating on Bobbi and moved on to another. But more about that later).

Colour correctors work by countering the blue-purple tones in the under eye area by introducing pigment that is complementary or opposite in the colour wheel i.e. pink and peach tones. This way, a neutral base is created That’s colour theory in action right there.

Corrector should be applied prior to concealer. Word to the wise, prevent tugging and product creasing by first hydrating the area with some eye cream.

The Bobbi Brown corrector I use is in the shade dark peach. It is easy to apply. I dot a small amount under the eye using my ring finger and pat it into place. You can use a concealer brush but the product tends to become a little dry and difficult to work with in cooler months so I find using my finger helps warm it up.
It’s thick so it offers great coverage but by the same token, it can crease a little bit.

I discovered Giorgio Armani’s Master Corrector in No.2 Orange after watching a Michelle Phan video and promptly purchased it. Best decision. Ever!
The Master Corrector does everything Bobbi Brown’s corrector does, and then some. It is so thin and light and ORANGE that I was sceptical about it working. I needn’t have worried. I get coverage, easy application and it doesn’t crease. And it really does brighten up everything it touches. Perfect!

This isn’t a review so I won’t harp on. I still use the Bobbbi Brown corrector as a backup, for example when I’m travelling.

Bottom line: correctors are a wonderful thing. If your only issue is dark circles, a good corrector could even eliminate the need for concealer. Don’t believe me? I’ll just let the pictures do the talking.

Note the huge difference after applying the corrector and only a small change after concealer?

No product
With Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in No.2 Orange
With Giorgio Armani Master Corrector in No.2 Orange
Corrector and concealer set with translucent powder
Corrector and concealer set with translucent powder

Share your thoughts.
Do you use a corrector? Why?

corrector: the best thing since sliced bread

8 thoughts on “corrector: the best thing since sliced bread

  1. Anisha Dave Patel says:

    I’m going to have to try this Giorgio Armani corrector! I’ve had dark circles under my eyes for as long as I can remember and have yet to find a product that works. Great post Payal!


  2. papillon says:

    Ooh, I’ll have to give this a go. Also I just googled millia and that’s what I have! Do you think it’s from trying too many different eye creams? How did you get rid of them?


    1. I’m not entirely sure how I got them but using rich eye creams is definitely a factor.
      I’ve switched to lighter hydrating ones but milia takes very very long to get rid of. I still have mine and I’ve almost made peace with it. Almost! 🙂

      Do let me know how you go with corrector. Keep in mind you might find a pink toned one works better for you. Peach correctors suit olive and yellow based complexions.


  3. Huge difference.

    I don’t use correctors because I end up emphasizing the area I want to conceal. I have a feeling that I don’t have a need for them. Ordinary concealers seem to work just fine for me.


    1. How lucky for you, Rae 🙂 I can get away with just corrector and no concealer.

      I think corrector would make the biggest difference to those with eyes that have circles or are prominent creating that shadowy under eye area. For some, it really is a hereditary thing unfortunately. But I am so glad there is now a solution. No one wants to look tired and down 🙂


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