ask mGm – blush for medium/tan skin

Ask mGm is back with a question from Mariam


Hey I have a medium skin tone probably a bit tanner then you and have found it really hard finding a blush that gives me colour without fading or being too over the top. Can you recommend any that are also quite affordable for Australia. I have been looking at the Models Prefer stick blushes and the Savvy baked and normal blushes. What do you think?

Thanks for the question, Mariam. Here are some suggestions.

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ask mGm – blush for medium/tan skin

1000 words: to market, to market



lentil fundamental | dal


As much as I am a woman of the (gastronomic) world, the Indian in me always goes back to a hearty bowl of lentil dal when I’m in need of some quick comfort food.

Lentils are full of protein, cheap as chips, and vegan, vegetarian and coeliac friendly. Here is my recipe for a quick and deeply satisfying pot of dal that only gets better with age. Don’t be put off by the long list of ingredients – it is actually very easy to throw together.

The result is a delicately balanced, mellow dal that is a fragrant, hot, mildly sweet and a little tangy all at once.

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lentil fundamental | dal

corrector: the best thing since sliced bread

5kl32oqOk, maybe not sliced bread but it is up there with primer. . .

It is a rare occasion when I am this excited by something makeup related. Only because even the most wonderful cosmetic is flawed. And I am an imperfect perfectionist. It’s a no-win situation most days.

In the hierarchy of personal attributes that require a bit more effort, my under eye area is probably in the top five. I have prominent eyes and, thanks to my complexion and genes, concealer alone cannot banish the darkness from my under eye circles.
I’ve tried numerous eye creams (to the point of giving myself milia), drinking copious amounts of water, and getting plenty of sleep. It all helps. But it isn’t enough.
Enter the corrector . . . .

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corrector: the best thing since sliced bread

looking peachy keen


A look at my makeup stash will probably cause you a mild heart attack and/or aneurysm. Other beauty bloggers can probably relate. To say I am ashamed of myself is not stretching any truths.
The situation is even worse than you imagine because despite the myriad colours available to me for every makeup item, I am a creature of habit and revert to my trusty matte nudes and black eyeliner. Utterly boring, I know. I have slapped my wrists on your behalf.

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looking peachy keen