review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation


The first review from my recent purchases (missed that post? it’s here) features the lovely Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. The main reasons I bought this are it is oil free and I found a shade that is a reasonable match to my skin tone. No pink or orange tones – I have had poor luck with finding something that is suitable for olive-toned skin. But you know this already if you read my post on foundation frustration.

Without further ado, here’s the review . . . .




VOLUME/SIZE 30ml / 1fl.oz.
FORMULATION Oil-free, no SPF, all skin types
LONGEVITY ~4-6h without primer
>8h with primer
PACKAGING Glass bottle with pump dispenser
RANGE 12 shades in Australia of a possible 21

I bought this in shade #6.5 Tawny.


The matte glass bottle is elegant and has some heft to it as you would expect from a high-end brand. The plastic cap is nothing special but I suppose GA monogram gives it a bit of a luxe feel. There is a different (read classier) version of this bottle available overseas.

I warmed to this foundation. Or rather, it warmed to me. I found that a little while after I applied it, the warmth from my skin helped it sit better and it looked even better.

The texture is lightweight but it certainly isn’t runny. It makes for a good formula to apply evenly and quickly. Blending is easy and coverage is definitely buildable. I found a single pump was more than enough to cover my whole face and neck. I have learned to control how much I squeeze the pump so it dispenses a smaller amount. Given this, it is feasible that the whole bottle will last me well over 8 months.

I applied this foundation by dotting it on my face and blending it out using a buffing brush (which is what I use for most of my foundations). I found it blended seamlessly although it is more visible in photos, it is rather undetectable in person. In photos, it has a slight redness/ peachiness to it which means it can’t be Holy Grail material but seeing as I am not hounded by paparazzi day and night, I think I can live with it for now.

Luminous Silk has a slight scent, certainly not perfume – it is almost a little like wood glue. It didn’t bother me and it faded very quickly after application.

The finish is very nice – not matte but neither is it glossy. Just an in between that looks like healthy skin. On touch, it has a slight wetness/ tack but this is easily fixed with a dusting of some loose translucent powder. To be honest, I was impressed that it produced a glowy look despite being oil-free which is not the case with many foundations of this variety.

Without primer, Luminous Silk held up for about 4 hours before I started to look a tad more than dewy. By no means did it look bad or sweaty or run patchy on me. Some people might even prefer the level of slight shine at this point. It wasn’t the look I was going for so I simply powdered lightly and did not have to again for the next 4 hours.

I seldom wear foundation more than 8 hours so the longevity was more than enough for me. When I wore it with Koh Gen Do’s Maifanshi Yellow Primer, it stayed on flawless all day!

There’s no denying it is an expensive foundation (but we do pay dearly for things here in Australia) but with this one, I think you get what you pay for. Great coverage, lovely finish, longevity and a longer-than-average-lasting bottle.












Here is what it looks like on me on different days, in different natural light – this is Melbourne, and it is winter so do forgive 🙂






Have you tried Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk? Did you like it?

Would you wear Luminous Silk?

review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

14 thoughts on “review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

    1. Thank you Fatima.
      And thanks for saying that about the eyeliner – I seldom get it on neatly so this was an achievement.
      I’ve got L’Oreal Superliner on in the photos. I do find it difficult to draw a finer line with it though.


    1. Oh, difficult to say Rae. Possibly a 5/5.5? You should grab some samples and try it out (don’t trust the shade matching at counters – they ALWAYS match me too dark/pink and the lighting is woeful).

      Haven’t tried Becca in Olive but I did flag it for myself based on a review on your blog. I’ve gotta get through the umpteen other foundations first! Btw, did I mention I was disappointed by the Ultrasheer formula? I felt so let down!


    1. Hi April.
      Depending on where you are, you can ask for a sample at the store counter. They usually have some prepackaged samples (in limited shades) to give out. I asked for mine at David Jones and they pumped a decent amount into a little pot so I was able to try it for a few days before committing.
      Myer also carries GA so have a look in there if you’re in Australia.
      At the very least, if they don’t give out samples (some counters are a bit funny like that) ask them to match you and apply some to your face and check it out in natural daylight. Those department store lights are awful!


  1. Heya!! It’s very hard to find a brown skinned beauty blogger !! I am always trying to research foundations before I purchase them but also fail to find a blogger that has similar skin tone to me. I can’t seem to find a foundation that matches my neck perfectly. My face is lighter than my neck!! Most foundations are too dark , too light , too orange or just the wrong undertones for my skin so I understand the frustration as I seen in your other post !! I had been into selfridges and tried this foundation and was matched to 7.5 , I was given a sample too it seems like a decent match but it is a tad orangey/slighty darker than my neck , I have seen your a 6.5 which does not look orangey at all, I may get a sample of 6.5 now. Thank you for this blog post 🙂 , bhavini xxx


    1. Hello Bhavi, glad I could help. My face is actually a little darker/pinker than my neck and chest so when I wear a foundation that matches just my face, it tends to look unnatural, particularly if it oxidises eeep
      It’s starting to get cooler here in Australia so I might have a look at 5.5, potentially to mix with my darker foundations. Let me know how 6.5 works for you. And please keep in mind that it is oil free so if you have dry skin, give one of the other GA foundations a try. All the best x

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Thank you for your reply. I am waiting for some testers from GA they seem to be always out of tester when I go in branch !! But I have ordered mufe chromatic mix in yellow hoping this will help. I have just noticed you use this sometimes too, which colour do you use? Bhavi x


        1. Hi Bhavi, I also use MUFE in Yellow when I can be bothered. It requires mixing and I am lazy so it only really comes out when I’ve got time and patience i.e. a lot of stars need to align 🙂 Let me know how you go with it.
          Hope your testers arrive soon and you can find joy in GA!

          Liked by 1 person

          1. Hey Hun. Yep I got the yellow one too. It is good, but I feel the same – it takes time to mix together. On work days I really am not that bothered, but it is a good product to use when I have the extra time 🙂 x

            Liked by 1 person

  2. Corinne R Ley says:

    Oooo I just found your blog! I recently got the GA luminous silk in shade 6 and it’s the perfect match for me (finally!). It’s the only foundation I have ever tried that still matches me in natural light. I’m thinking about trying the MUFE chromatic mix in blue to see if that will help adjust shades.

    Liked by 1 person

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