one way to clear skin

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Every year, without fail, from when the leaves turn and until spring, my usually clear face sports a smattering of pimples. I do appreciate that I am lucky in that it isn’t full blown adult acne. But it is persistent enough to be annoying.The zits are omnipresent as if sharing some secret pact to not disappear without another taking their place.

Over time, I’ve worked out that the dry winter air is the causing factor – as in, my skin becomes dry! This bewildered me at first because I’ve never had dry skin and I drink plenty of water. But it made sense. Air conditioning, the outside air, heating . . . .

Following purchase of numerous cleansers, moisturisers and sunscreens, I now have a routine down pat which has kept my skin clear for the past two months. Don’t worry, I won’t be suggesting you drink more water. You should be doing that already!

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one way to clear skin

review, pics & swatches: le blush crème de chanel – 62 présage


Most warm-toned girls probably have the same affliction I do – a weakness for a good coral blush. I imagine it probably appeals to most girls in general. But for me, coral is a colour that doesn’t judge, nor compete with the rest of my makeup. It looks fresh when I want to look fresh, and it can perfectly complement a summer tan.

I gravitated towards Chanel’s Présage primarily for the colour. In pan, it looks like a lovely deep melon – I was sold! Well, I suppose it helps that it is Chanel which hasn’t let me down before.

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review, pics & swatches: le blush crème de chanel – 62 présage

review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation


The first review from my recent purchases (missed that post? it’s here) features the lovely Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. The main reasons I bought this are it is oil free and I found a shade that is a reasonable match to my skin tone. No pink or orange tones – I have had poor luck with finding something that is suitable for olive-toned skin. But you know this already if you read my post on foundation frustration.

Without further ado, here’s the review . . . .

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review, pics & swatches: giorgio armani luminous silk foundation

1000 words: get your fruit on