something old, something new

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I don’t often re-purchase products. Call it fear of missing out – if I commit to one, even if it is great, how will I ever know if others are any better? And of those few products making repeat appearances on my vanity, let’s say that no suitable replacements have yet presented themselves.

The term, holy grail, therefore, is not one you will likely find on this blog because, let’s face it, I am a flake. But in my defence, it opens up so many more possibilities this way and is so much more interesting than a reliable favourite. Of course, in keeping with my fickleness, do not be surprised then if I suddenly declare singular devotion to a product one day.

When bottles/ jars empty, I get really excited. Actually, I am usually excited well before they run out and may even help the process along a little. Hitting pan and running out of moisturiser are the green light to try something new.

My latest ’empties’ collection is one I am particularly proud of because it includes a foundation (I struggle with finishing foundation). I also can’t recall the last time I had so many empties at once. The new items are a mixture of things I have wanted for some time plus a couple of random purchases. Without further adieu, here they are.



Daeng Gi Meo Ri shampoo for normal to dry scalp (500ml, $16) – this is a South Korean shampoo I picked up when I was living in Canberra and my skin and hair became very dry. It lasted me about 10 months, which is exceptional given the volume and length of hair I have. I love the smell of this shampoo and it does a great job of cleaning my hair without irritating the scalp. I purchased it with its matching conditioner but I ran out of that many moons ago. I find most Asian hair and skin care products suit my hair and skin type and are of very good quality in general.

I have no idea where to find this again in Melbourne but I am sure it isn’t impossible. It’s definitely worth the repurchase but I have moved on to an oil-based shampoo for a change.

L’Oreal Youth Code Day Lotion with SPF 30 (50ml, $25) – a complete impulse purchase and aside from the lovely fresh scent, I can’t say there was anything remarkable about this moisturiser. I favour oil-free formulations and this isn’t one – I did tend to get shiny when wearing this under foundation. At the price point and lack of any other obvious benefits, I would not recommend repurchase.

Avene Cleanance K AHA+BHA (40ml, $25) – I LOVE Avene products but this is an exception. It is a gel treatment for spots, blackheads and blemishes and is intended to be applied on clean, dry skin. I certainly felt some tingling as the hydroxy acids went to work and to some extent, it did help with clearing my skin a little. But it wasn’t the dramatic change I was hoping for and where it really let me down was the pilling. Because this product increases your skin’s sensitivity to sunlight, it is important to wear sunscreen over it during the day time. By the time I wore foundation over this, I ended up with tiny gooey clumps of gel+sunscreen+foundation. Needless to say, I saved this for night-time use only. I have also since found a better solution for my skin woes (post coming soon). Also, this product has a light inoffensive scent which might bother some.

Clinique Moisture Surge Extra Refreshing Eye Gel (15ml, ~$45) – I bought this so long ago, I cannot even remember where. It kicked around untouched for a long time before I realised the eye cream I was using at the time was giving me milia and discontinued use. There are many out there who don’t like this eye gel because it isn’t moisturising enough for their needs, but for me it is perfect. Quickly absorbed, fragrance-free, non-greasy and more importantly, it didn’t give me milia. I’ve been using a tube of another eye cream I received as a freebie otherwise, I would give repurchase of this eye gel some serious thought.

Avene Eau Thermale (150ml, $14) – I am actually sad this is finished. I used it so much in the summer just as a refresher, and more recently, to sheer out foundation (see how here). It is softening and soothing (just as it says on the can). I can’t claim to have noticed any moisturising properties but that is hardly what I used it for. The water is unscented and the best bit of this product, for me, is the very fine mist the spray nozzle. This gives you complete control when spraying. I am trying out a can of a different brand of French thermal water which is equally good (oh, these French pharmacy products are so good!) – given this, the decision to repurchase will probably depend on the price of the day.

Clinique Perfectly Real Makeup (30ml, $50) in 34N – Clinique is one of my favourite brands so I am sad that this foundation did not work out. The texture (gel), coverage (medium, buildable) and finish (velvet, natural) are great. True to its house, it is fragrance-free and being oil-free, suitable for my skin type. The reasons why I won’t be repurchasing are mainly because of the shade. It is a touch warm and pink toned (even though the Clinique website lists it as neutral) but what makes matters worse is that this oxidises on me and turns into an unsightly orange. You may have read me lament this in my foundation frustration post.

I’ve managed to use this foundation by mixing it with a colour corrector and a lighter coloured foundation – something I am glad I won’t have to do any more (with this tube anyway). The other slight issue I have with it is the tackiness it left on my skin after application. Powder helps but the finish goes tacky again in a few hours.


I will have dedicated posts at a later stage once I’ve trialled the following products for a reasonable amount of time. In the meantime, they are below.


CK One Long Wear Cream Eyeshadow (5ml, $4) in Reef – Impulse purchase, I couldn’t say no for $4. It’s a vibrant green shade and I am thinking of wearing it as an eye liner.

Laura Mercier Brow Definition Gel (2.55g, $35) in Soft – The description reads ‘gel’ but this is more of a wax/gel hybrid. I already have darker brow powders and wanted something softer for a different look.

Prestige Total Intensity Eyeliner (1.2g, $15) in Intense Olive – This brand is so underrated! I chanced upon their Total Intensity Eyeshadows a few months ago so didn’t hesitate to purchase this eyeliner. I was looking for a change from generic black and olive seemed a good idea.

Models Prefer Cream Blush Stick (10.7g, $11) in Love – I’ve never bought anything from the Models Prefer brand before. The blush stick colour (Love) stood out as I was looking for something with ‘pop’ without shimmer. At that price, I thought it was worth giving a go.

Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation (30ml, $92) in 6.5 Tawny – I trialled a sample of this in different shades before settling on this shade. The formula is oil free and oh-so-beautiful so I am expecting nothing short of amazing particularly given this purchase has really hurt my wallet.

Koh Gen Do Maifanshi Makeup Color Base SPF16 PA++ (25g, $49) in Yellow – after months of uhmming and ahhing, I gave in and purchased this primer online (it is hard to find in Australia). My aim with this is to counter pinkness in most foundations and increase luminosity. Not too much to ask given it is ultra-expensive and rather hyped. A girl can wish!


This post turned out to be bigger than I was expecting. As I mentioned earlier, full posts on the new products will be up eventually.
The Giorgio Armani Luminous Silk review is now up. Check it out here.

Meanwhile, what products do you keep going back to? Do you have favourites? Or, like me, do you like to try something new each time?

something old, something new

2 thoughts on “something old, something new

    1. Haha Rae, I lack discipline 😦
      I had to get it after reading so much about it (2am decisions I tell you).
      At $50 I’m hoping it will also make me breakfast in bed. Review coming soon!


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