q&d – coverage without cakiness


It’s a bit of a catch-22 situation sometimes.
You want great coverage from your foundation but and you want it to look light and natural. Not so difficult if you have perfect skin (n which case, do you really need the coverage?). But for us mere dermo-mortals, it can prove elusive.

BB/CC creams and tinted moisturisers are good but if you want a little more coverage, you might want to stick with your regular foundation. That doesn’t mean you need to live with looking cakey.

I’ve tried a few things and I reckon you can have your cake and eat it too (bad pun, sorry) with a couple of easy steps that take all of 30 seconds.

Here’s how.

You will need

  • A misting spray (I use Avene thermal water but ordinary tap water in a fine spray bottle is just as good)
  • A clean medium/ large stippling brush

What to do

This is a tip to incorporate to your makeup routine, just after you’ve applied your makeup base. So hold the powder, blush and highlighter for a moment.

I usually do the next steps after I have applied concealer (under eyes) but if you have particular areas that need a little more coverage, you may want to revisit them with concealer after.

  1. Mist your face with the spray to dampen it – it doesn’t have to be a light spritz but you don’t want to look like you just got caught in the rain either.
  2. While still damp, take your stippling brush and swirl it across your face in sweeping circular motions. Don’t rub or drag heavily or you will end up taking your foundation off.
  3. The idea is to sheer out the base by blending the moisture from the spray and the foundation. You will find the brush will pick up some colour but it is really a small amount and not enough to worry about.
    I find this method smooths out any edges, streaks or patches and gives a lovely airbrushed look with a natural sheen.
    If there is excess moisture left on the skin, give it another 10 seconds to dry out a little.
  4. At this point, I like to dust on some translucent powder while the skin is still a touch damp. Of course, you can skip this step if you want to keep things more dewy.


And there you have it. Your base should look pretty even and smooth with a freshness to it.

You can go ahead and apply the rest of your makeup at this point or stop here for more laid-back and natural look.

Try it. Let me know if it works for you.

q&d – coverage without cakiness

8 thoughts on “q&d – coverage without cakiness

  1. Boi says:

    Beautiful profile pic 🙂
    I tend to apply liquid foundation with just my fingers, as I find using a brush leaves streaks. Could be because I’m not using the wrong brush, and I’ve applied too much product. Or my face is just really dry. If I have a few minutes to spear tomorrow morning I will attempt your suggestion and let you know how I go.


    1. Thank you Boi.
      I only use a brush to avoid staining my clothes with foundation-covered fingers. Having said that, I personally find traditional foundation brushes can leave streaks because the strokes are rather one directional. Have you tried using a buffing brush or a stippling brush?
      Please do let me know how you go.



  2. Boi says:

    This morning I used MAC 187 to buff out my foundation with added Rose Water as you suggested. I have to agree it gives a light finish aka very natural looking.
    I’ve never liked applying foundation with a brush as it never really spreads evenly in my opinion. However, with added ‘liquid’ it allows you to easily thin out your product. Great Tip!
    Wish I could up load a photo to show you but I don’t know how to do it at work. Will show you tomorrow night.

    I think I need a new foundation bottle, perhaps something more yellow based. I’m sitting here in my office, my face and neck have different colour tones. Or it could just be the office lighting, might need to check it downstairs at lunch.


    1. I’m so pleased it worked for you. Just remember to mist and swirl after you’ve already applied your foundation. Which means you can still use clean fingers to apply the product first.

      Bobbi Brown, Becca and Burberry (just noticed they are all Bs) do yellow tone makeup. I have also heard great things about Koh Gen Do foundation but haven’t tried any yet. Hope you find some thing suitable soon!


  3. Boi says:

    Ahh, Koh Gen Do, I was just reading up on their foundation the other night. It’s Japanese and the only place that sells it in Australia is a store in Sydney. Shame, as I can’t even try it unless I fly to Syd. You will have to confirm tonight that my face is showing up a different tone to my neck for me.


  4. I’ll try this tip one of these days. I hate the just-applied foundation look on me. I hope this can solve that problem. Sometimes I mist my face, but instead of buffing with a brush, I press a tissue. Your technique seems better. I’ll let you know how it goes.


    1. Yes, I dislike that sticky/wet/tacky feeling of foundation and wit some foundations, it only gets worse as the day progresses (my cheeks get shiny in a couple of hours).
      Please do drop by again with your verdict


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