makeup for the non-wearer

Mademoiselle L. wears no makeup. She doesn’t need to. With skin this clear, would you?


So it is with apology that I preface this post. I am not attempting to demonstrate ‘beautification’ of what is already beautiful. With the help of a brave L, we are trying to demonstrate a wearable look for non-lovers of makeup that may occasionally want to try something subtle.

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makeup for the non-wearer

something old, something new

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I don’t often re-purchase products. Call it fear of missing out – if I commit to one, even if it is great, how will I ever know if others are any better? And of those few products making repeat appearances on my vanity, let’s say that no suitable replacements have yet presented themselves.

The term, holy grail, therefore, is not one you will likely find on this blog because, let’s face it, I am a flake. But in my defence, it opens up so many more possibilities this way and is so much more interesting than a reliable favourite. Of course, in keeping with my fickleness, do not be surprised then if I suddenly declare singular devotion to a product one day.

When bottles/ jars empty, I get really excited. Actually, I am usually excited well before they run out and may even help the process along a little. Hitting pan and running out of moisturiser are the green light to try something new.

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something old, something new

1000 words: juice it. juice it good!



ask mGm – severe acne scarring

Hello lovely readers and welcome to the ask mGm section where you can send us questions and we and other readers will do our best to answer them. Here is our first!

BadSkinBeauty :

I had troublesome acne for about 5 years and then it went away but not completely. I still do break out when stressed or sometimes when the monthly dragon comes a-visiting. My problem however is with the scars…ice-pick, rolling, whatever…and huge pores. I have tried chemical peels, micro-derma abrasion, derma roller etc. (basically whatever the sales reps shoved at me).

I don’t see much improvement…you have any products or treatments that you might think would benefit me? Thank you!

Thanks for the question BadSkinBeauty. Here is our answer.

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ask mGm – severe acne scarring

the weekend starts with hotcakes


The Italians have a little expression for things that are ugly but good – brutto ma buono.
It’s a great expression because as much we love dainty little cakes, exquisitely formed croquembouches, tall soufflés and delicate dumplings, there is something comforting and satisfying about a dark, hearty stew, rock cakes, mash potato or a velvety curry.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for quality presentation. There are days though when I struggle to plate up a meal so that it looks as good as it tastes, and it’s not always because of my culinary shortcomings.

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the weekend starts with hotcakes

mulled winter


mulled winter

meet the moistmaker (for skin)


I’m not deliberately trying to be confusing by referring to the infamous sandwich from Friends (skip to 2.28).

You see, I can’t think of how else to describe this product. It’s not a moisturiser but it definitely helps with moisturising. It isn’t a toner, or a lotion: yet it is called these things sometimes.

The name hyaluronic acid may be familiar to some. Any beauty product that has the word acid in its name would probably cause most people great amounts of worry, never mind conjuring images of plump, youthful skin. The name is very misleading.

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meet the moistmaker (for skin)