foundation frustration


A friend recently likened my complexion to milky tea. As a lover of the hot beverage and someone who is a little tired of being benevolently described as catch-all-brown, I took it and ran with it. You see, describing my colouring is easier than finding a foundation that matches. And that is aside from the endless qualities that I desire in a good makeup base.

In no particular order, here is my wishlist plus where I have been failed by my army of foundations. For the record, although I have a preference for fluid over powder or stick formula, I have a plethora of foundation in myriad shades and finishes. All collected in my never-ending search.

Am I being unreasonable and overly demanding? Or are some of these on your list too?

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foundation frustration

foundation woes & a poll

There are millions of formulations, shades, textures and finishes out there. So why is it so difficult to find a foundation that is just right?
So far, many have come close. But the stars are yet to align for me. . .


Full post here. In the meantime, I’d love to hear from you.

What has your luck been like? What do you look for? And have you found it?

Try our quick poll.

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foundation woes & a poll

sunday gold at industry beans

The winter solstice has come and been. In this half of the world, we can look forward to longer days and supposed associated warmth. I say this because while winter in Melbourne is really rather mild, the equatorial I am, my preference is always for hot over cold, and these 13°C days are not my cup of tea.

They are, however, perfect for bottomless mugs of rich, dark coffee. I was no reluctant customer when Mr. Meow suggested a coffee at his favourite haunt., the deal further sweetened with promise of a muffin.


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sunday gold at industry beans

peanut nutter green smoothie

As the mistress of lazy, I know a thing or two about short-cuts.

Here is one for a nutritious, filling brekkie that’s ready in a whiz.


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peanut nutter green smoothie

buttermilk rusks/ karringmelkbeskuit

photo (4)

I have a deep affinity for South Africa – beautiful country, warm people and terrific shopping. It also has similarities to Kenya not the least of which is the amazing wildlife.

Nairobi and Johannesburg are separated by nearly 4,000 kilometres. Google maps tells me that’s a 50 hour drive in Saturday traffic. Some of my fondest food memories from childhood are centred around Ceres litchi juice, Tennis biscuits and Bokomo rusks, not to mention sweet juicy apples, grapes and kiwis. Kenya being on the equator, these fruits were a rarity and we had to ‘make do’ with a variety of pineapples, papaya, bananas, mangoes. How I miss my tropical fruit now.

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buttermilk rusks/ karringmelkbeskuit

cleaning makeup brushes

One of my essential qualities is that I am lazy. Which explains why [perish the thought] I don’t clean my makeup brushes as often as I should.


When I do get round to it, this is how I get through it – it’s quick and it’s effective in a pinch.

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cleaning makeup brushes

a little nod to the nineties


Mademoiselle V. is a dear, dear friend of mine who occasionally lets me try different makeup looks on her.
Some months ago now (yes, I am slack as), we went to the White Night festivities in lovely Melbourne.

A very gamely V. agreed to be my muse for an experiment with 90s hair and makeup. Now V. does not usually do lipstick and she certainly likes her hair a certain way. So I am mighty grateful she did not if, but or hiccup when I steered her toward a red lip and a semi-wet-look mop.

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a little nod to the nineties